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October 21, 2016

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So I got a chance to drop by the opening of my friend Markus Molinari’s new H.Wood Group spot in West Hollywood last week and I simply have to say it is my new home away from home. I mean, can I just live there? You’ll find yourself stepping into a magical art deco haven, a hot tub time machine if you wil, taking you back to 1920’s extravaganza…think The Great Gatsby. I only had time to drop by for a delicious Old Fashion, but the food looks divine and the rest of the cocktails all the pretty people were carrying around had me wanting more. There’s even a cocktail with a full on rose floating in it. Chic af x 1000. I live for the fireplace. It’s like the warm and cozy heartbeat that flickers in the center of it all. And the live band that plays reminds me of Ricky Ricardo’s band from “I Love Lucy” with a modern day flare and edge. Check out the menu courtesy of Urban Daddy. I’ll def be going back for the cedar plank salmon, baby back ribs, the greek inspired iceberg wedge (love a good wedge), spaghetti squash pasta and filet mignon (obvs). Hey there Delilah, ILY.

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Photos : Aliza Sokolow Poppyseed Agency



September 30, 2016

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To kick start the blog I wanted to share some photos from one of my favorite hikes in Los Angeles…WISDOM TREE.  If you are traveling and visiting LA, you gotta check out this hike.  Runyon Canyon is really popular, but I’m gonna save that for another day.  Wisdom Tree is special to me.   It’s roughly about a 1 hour hike roundtrip up and down, and the views are breathtaking. Once you get to the top, there is a lone tree that survived the wild forest fires in LA and a bunch of rock formations piled up around the tree. In between the rocks, people have left love letters, diary entries, lyrics, notes, etc. It’s a really beautiful thing for us Angelenos to have such an incredible place to escape to…while getting your fitness on. There’s also a huge american flag wavering in the wind. And not one, but two stunning views of central Los Angeles/Downtown and Burbank and the valley on the other side. You can even see Hogwarts peeking out from Harry Potter Land at Universal. 🙂 If you’re in LA and looking for a good hike…go to Wisdom Tree and bring tons of water.